A downloadable game for Windows

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LegoGodOfWar_V1.5.rar 587 MB


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make one for old god of wars


10/10  g.o.t.y



Bro it keeps sending me to notes!!!! What do i do!

If you have a shit Pc

just press "Esc" and then change Setting






Wonderful, please optimize a little so everyone can play.

you can change setting

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I'm trying to run this game on my laptop and it keep on crashing when the game boots up. is there any way to fix it?

I get a LowLevelFatalError. I don't know what that means.

make it for macos 


how do i open the game 


How do I launch it off of WinRar?

well the answer is, you can't, you need to extract it first/.

could you make it work on chrome os pls


or maybe have it run in the browser 

it deosnt work

when i click start it crashes

Boy button was a nice touch, was that jesus?

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Someone had to speedrun it

It’s funny how doom eternal can run at 60 or more fps yet this runs at 10

60 or me

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can you add a graphic setting my pc is shit


how do i start it????

how start??

you need to install win rar search it up un google

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this is very cool but idk how to start it can anybody help me?

never mind i found it out


How do i play the game. when i downloaded it it became a rar file, what do i need to do to play it






are you really this stupid? I mean, really?


bro doesn't mod 10 discords don't judge him fatty


Your mom mods my Discord fortnightly.

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I saw a lego man in white, what was that? I just saw the comments and was that really Jesus? HELP!

Thank youuuuu


Is there anyway to lower the graphical settings? My computer can't handle such many pixels XD It plays at a lower framerate than a powerpoint presentation.


"Graphical" "such many pixels" truly  a word smith

What's wrong with 'graphical'?  It's a word and being used correctly.

graphical is referring to a graph  or  its  in reference to monitors so no it doesn't make sense

"Graphical Settings" is a term that has been used for decades even back when I was a kid in the 80s and when I was working in video game industry in 2000s. It is fine. Graphical in GUI (Graphical User Interface) refers to graphics being used (such as buttons or dials, clickable by mouse cursor or touch) in the place of text input.


What are the hardware requirements? Does this only run on windows, or can I run it on a Linux machine? 

10/10 already played through it twice. Boi does whatever he wants just like in the real games. Such deep lore and THAT PLOT TWIST AT THE END!

An incredible adaptation of the new god of war for lego, with direct Atreus next to Kratos. Very good friend.

DLC when

This game will likely get DLC when the original game gets DLC. I thought that was a given...

Oh FR?! I was saying that as a joke but cool

What I said was a joke too; it's incredibly unlikely the main game gets DLC

Pretty good game 

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I can't get it to work in Windowed mode on Ryzen 4500U laptop. There is no volume for audio/music, please add.

jesus is op

best game je ( sus). jesus is in this game in next to me rn pls help me

Game actually plays well on EXCESSIVE Settings LOL.. good job.....10/10 IGN Review.. story was definitely a major selling point for me.


Tyyy broo <3

thanks for adding jesus