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his name is breakig bad


we know fucking dumbass


how do i navigate to EXE file

you need to extract it using a software like 7zip.



jesse we need th emeth jesse gu fdring is kill us if we dont get the meht jesee


Walter White Breaks Down


epic game Biiiiiiiitch


when I changed anti aliasing it broke shadows

10/10 would change settings again

sounds about right


game runs on 3 fps  i think because of some NVidia thing but good job i think


why does it say an entry cant be decompressed?


jsse, we nede to cook methe plesae jess gus fing is want to kil us


Make it multiplayer


Agreed. But only if there's a way you can do it without going insane from coding issues.

how do i get guns


wait how did you get one?


there is a gun shop by the gas station but you need to have at least $100

it’s not in the tan building, theres a grey box one

How do i use the gun

This game looks pretty cool ngl


where is the .exe file


where gun?





Can you compile it to webGL form? I have Chromebook and I would love to play in browser

this has no chance of running on browser, running on my pc im getting 25fps on high and ive got a pretty beefy computer keep in mind

and its also 2 gigs.yea no chance it will run on a browser nor on a chromebook.chromebooks barely run android games.doesnt run a game with those graphics

game runs smooth on high with a RTX 3060. just needs a menu that shows controls and such. 


how do you download this shit


my pc is a toaster but this game runs like ass, there arent even graphics settings

it will only let me download it in discord rar can someone please help


it keeps saying error and wont let me download.. what am i doing wrong?


I can't download it :(


the game wont dowload, some kind of error


Game runs bad, and the gameplay is rough. I get it is a shitpost game but like atleast have a tutorial.


i cant downloa

help me



the game wont install

you cant download it in itch


so how do i download it

how download


Could somone tell me how to equip a gun? i can’t seem to figure it out 


What are the controls to this? Also this is really laggy

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To anyone trying to get the game to run better *READ THIS*

in your %appdata% folder, go back one folder and enter LOCAL


inside of local should be a folder called "LegoBreakingBad"

go into Saved -> Config -> Windows and then open "GameUserSettings.ini"

you can change the values inside the [ScalabilityGroups] tab

from 3, to 2, or 1, and possibly 0 "not entirely sure if 0 works but that 

is what I set my PostProcessQuality to 0 because any other number 

has motion blur on and I hate it xd" also if you need more frames inside 

of there is also "sg.ResolutionQuality=100" this is the res scale, 

lowering it will make the game render at a low resolution but keep the 

game UI at your native res, be warned though it seems UE uses some 

form of reconstruction to "upscale" the lower internal resolution to a 

higher output, which results in weird edges, and strange artifacts, I found 

that running the settings on a mix of 1-2 you can get "decent" framerate 

on a RTX 2060 your mileage all may very, but I hope this helps anyone 

else in need, also if you want to run the game windowed press "F11

and there is a pause menu as well which is "P"


These are my "Optimized Settings" for getting a decent FPS on a RTX 2060














Thank you everyone for reading and have a great day!

I tryed to get on the lego starwars one but it didn't let me download?


What are the controls to this? It looks really fun but I can't figure out how to play... (also are the cars driveable?)

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I don't want to be mean, but it kinda runs like shit, even on 1660 Ti.
Please add option to lower graphics.
Note : I didn't realize the game got updated, might check it soon


I was on an RTX 2060 and I was at 10 fps


yea im on a 3080 and i still get like 26 (but im also running max settings)

hes rendering studs that are literally like really far away, using up tons of gpu power for a couple of pixels worth of detail in the distance, its ridiculous

Can you make an option to lower graphics if you can, I need to play this masterpiece but computer doo doo.


Jesse we need to cook lego meth for some goddamn reason



Jesse we need to play Five Nights at Freddys



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