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this is very fire (which is what I would say if I could open the file)

You run Linux too?

Jessi we need to cook



How do fix this???


get better

someone pls help me

try getting a different app to extract it. maybe im not an I.T. guy.


Cwinge but really good

cyka byat

I have a bit of a complex situation where i cant get a rar extracter, is there any way to make this a compressed file?

Otherwise, this looks amazing

you can download winrar that is what i use :)

how do I navigate to .EXE file. Im kind of new to pc

once you have extracted the .RAR file you have to find the .EXE file in the folder it created and double click on it to start the game

could you make it so it runs in the browser or runs on chrome os pl








wtf is your username



bros a literal cumstain





how can i fix that



my game always crashes?

Idk how it did the same

this game isn't perfect but it's 99.1% pure

very laggy. but its probably just my computer.

is this game safe to download? 



are we supposed to extract the ZIP file?


download winrar it makes files alot easier to manage


am i supposed to extract the zip file????????



as you with all itch games unless you are using the itch app

thank you i love you grouchylemur18


I can confirm that this game is safe for children, and for jesse to play after he's high AGAIN.




why is this 2 gb


Jesse wtf are you playin


GOTY 2022

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hopefully my laptop can handle this


help, i accidently downloaded it on opera, what d

bro if i start the .exe it gives a error

Me not having one braincell but someone made it, so I download it in notes not files

my brain stopped working when i read that


For You People With -1 Braincells, To Open It, Install 7zip, And Right Click The .RAR File, See, How Hard Is It To Figure That Out?

Pretty hard, if you recently started using a PC

well at least youve gotten used to it now. theres so many other people that still dont know how to extract a folder :|

Oof, well hopefully those people get the help they need.

aparently pretty hard lmao

What if i use winzip?

you will die a horrible death, and you will be conscious all the time to the moment your brain will be mushed


jesse! we need to teach people how to open a .rar file jesse!

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my name is bricker hartweel brick, i live in lego city, the destroyed house, im a custom minifigure

i accidentally changed my resolution so that ill I see on the screen is a tiny sliver on the top of my screen plz help

please fix this bug the cops hand come off and conitinues to shoot me wile i cant see the severed hand underneth me 

am on mac pls anybody help?

its not available on mac :(

someone help, what do i do?

Download winrar

done!, whats next?

download 7zip

uninstall winrar then download 7zip because its better and then right click and extract with 7zip


I've opened the game but all the graphics are severely yellowed and its very difficult to see. Any help?




thats just what new mexico looks like 

Can someone make a vid of how u do the extract and shit?

I'm still fucking confused on how to do it.


Right click on the file

then what?

put it into a rar file converter

Download litterally 7 zip

and right click it 


jesus people really are tech illiterate these days.

download 7zip 

right click on the file and extract with 7zip

Yeah, I downloaded winRaR and got the game running now thx

bro why 7zip is infinitely better

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