A downloadable game

This fan-made project combines two of the best things! Stepping on legos with your bare feet, and endless bugs an glitches!!


*UPDATE 10/11/22* Fixed multiple issues with inventory, respawn, and missing missions. I am still working on additional bugs and stuff, along with newer projects. Any feedback is very important!

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LegoFallout_v1.2.2.rar 2 GB

Install instructions

Install instructions

Step 1: Download entire .RAR file

Step 2: Drag and extract .RAR file to "desktop" or preferred folder

Step 3: Navigate to .EXE file and double click on it

Step 4: Profit


Mouse X,Y: Look around

WASD: Move

Spacebar: Jump

Escape key: Pause menu 

"Q key": VATS

"i key":  Inventory

Right mouse: Aim

Left mouse: Fire


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gráficamente se ve increíble ojala en algún punto pueda estar terminado :D

This is amazing

why is the game red?

There isn't any downloadable file option for install and all my RAR downloads are corrupted.

bro it what work on my pc but your ather gams do

It works how sorry


Can I play this game on the Macbook Air Sonoma 14.1.1?

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Is it possible to play with a controller :) ?

i downloaded and now windows wants me to pick an application to open it with. it gives me no option to extract and i cant see the files in it.

Deleted 38 days ago

i cant open a door the vault. i cant press the big red button

press E

it didnt work

ig reinstall the game

ok thanks

I can't seem to get the download to work.  All my attempts end up with an empty folder.

use winrar

I did.  Got an empty folder.

So far I've enjoyed it. I found edge of map underwater and froze, but good/smooth graphics.  Are there any interactions or NPC's, or is it just bot hunting?


i followed all the steps but when i tried to open it it says that it couldnt start. how can i fix this


For what it is, it's super impressive. The environment and implementation of every lego thing, as well as some core mechanics was also badass. Naturally there were things missing and bugs. Do you have a feedback form or anything?

Seems like a really cool game, but for some reason, when I click LMB to fire my weapon, nothing happens.

Make sure to press R to load the weapon, then you have to hold down the aiming button (R mb) to initiate firing.

Seems fun, I like the mechanics a lot the lego looks very cool. I seem to keep getting stuck in water and sliding down the walls instead of landing on the blocks. 


I absolutely love the idea of this game and the breaking bad lego game as well, however, pleaseeeeeeee do whatever you can to make them less intensive. I have a decently powerful laptop and it will not run more than about 10 fps. Again, great idea, done really well but it requires way to high end of a pc and I and a ton of other people would love to try this game. 

It runs on the Unreal engine, theres only a certain base level it starts from. Try messing with the settings, maybe it may help a bit?

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Is there any way to rebind the keys? I play left handed and cannot use WASD... 

And I'd love to play it, it look damn awesome!


first off great work, love the look it has

Some things i think might make this abit better

- Optimization. It's honestly a must, looking through the comments i've found that even high-end rigs are having problems running the game at decent frames. the camera clipped through some walls in first person, revealing a large untextured room, shaving that down might save a few frames or make a huge improvement

- Pip-boy has some issues in first person

- hit markers or effects would help with attack feedback immensely, it lets people know their attacks are hitting rather than waiting for the enemy to drop dead, this would also let us know if we're being attacked as well.

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I've screwed up my resolution and can't get to the game settings menus.  Where are the settings stored so I can wipe them out to start fresh?  I scanned the registry and C:\ProgramData folders and didn't see anything that stuck out, as well as deleted the full game folder and re-extracted it, but I still have messed up settings.


WTF I don't understand the game I have things but I can't get into the inventory, the letter ( i ) doesn't work 


You are the reason we can't have nice things.

This has been provided free of charge, and is something that used up months of someone's personal free time. There are better ways to ask than yelling at someone in oversized bold letters. You can ask while being polite and grateful that they've shared the fruits of their labor with you at all.

You are not more important than anyone else, you are not more important than civility.  Behavior of this nature is what makes people stop updating projects like this.

Hey mate.

When hiting the pause menu key (esc), when returning the game (esc again), the mouse control become unplayable (you must hit right clic to move up, down, left, right) and you must quit the game to return to normal. Very annoying. Will wait a bit to play.

You need feedback ? You have one.

Love the game and the idea tho. Will sure play in the future.

Hi there ! 
Very  good work it's amazing !  I would love a volume option because music can be very loud when you arrive in the outside....
And, can we do something for the night ? can we light the pipboy, or can it glow in he dark in order to make some light for us ?

And I want to say : keep going, I love fallout and I love lego, and it's a marvel to have both in one !

Hey I was wondering (if you planned on pursuing this project more) if you wanted a volunteer 2D concept artist. I don't have much experience but want to help out the project and gain some experience! Let me know if you'd want any help with 2D concept art for your game!

Nice 👍😻

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bro, after i download and chick to that .EXE file and i can't play it, the game just crashed and it appears "DLGX_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG" AND "LowLevelFatalError". can you fix that pls?

i use: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz   2.50 GHz

8 gb ram 

Very good game! It has very nice graphics and the textures and effects are amazing. I would like to share with you some point you can improve:

~ I had some problems with video quality (I own a GTX 1060) and it only would run at 45 fps on HD resolution with all graphics set on low. So you can improve performance

~ The access to second floors on houses and leave a little loot there to resupply the inventory and health points

~ Include AI Difficulty configuration. Beacuse it´s a little hard to make a bullet reach them at some distances and they hit us very easy

Everything else is very nice! Keep working and give all of yourself to finish the game

Welcome - Termlink from ROBCO Industries (TM)

. . . establishing the connection . . . completed.

. . . message received [1] . . . display.


Sorry in advance for my English (I am French.).

To begin with, just CONGRATULATIONS ! I knew you with the video of the Fallout 4 trailler (which I thought was stop motion, but it's Blender, and all that animation, I love it ! ), then I saw an article on the internet about a Fallout fan who was remaking the Fallout game in Lego, just amazing 2 universes I love ! Then I realized that you did all this! It's crazy! 

Of course, I tested it. At the beginning, it's pretty rough, you customize your avatar and off you go. But I thought how far did it go? Then I went outside and just Woah OK this is not funny.

The game looks great, really great. It doesn't eat up any more RAM than a classic Fallout, maybe the CPU is a bit too busy (but still reasonable).

Gameplay wise, it's cool and I think with time it will be improved, as I imagine the mechanics of Fallout games will be.

Bug-wise, it works well actually, even better than a real Fallout XD. I've noticed 2 of them so far: 

- When you die and reappear at the last save, your hair disappears and your face changes (not sure about the face).

- It's not really a bug, but if you die and you don't have a save, you can't do anything anymore and you have to quit and restart the game to be able to play.

Oh, and being French, I don't have qwerty, but azerty, and the I being a bit far XD, a key assignment system would be perfect! (even if you can do an Alt+Shift G to switch between Fr/Eng keyboards).

By the way, I could notice some keys which are not indicated on this page like the Tab key which allows the first person view (thanks), the R key to reload (obvious), E to interact (also obvious).

And finally, congratulations again, I hope this project has a future! 

. . . end of the connection.

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To get to  60 fps consistently I had to be at 800x600 low settings. control averages 74 fps max settings at 1440p 

System specs 


3700 xt

32 Gigs ram

Samsung 980 pro 1tb


Do only i get a bug where i cant do anything and there is just some lego man standing ?

The controls you need to click are just off the left hand side of the screen. Set your resolution to make the display 16:9 ratio.

It just works.

Very beautiful game with lots of potential! I'm excited to see where this goes!


Is it stuck on wasd or can it be changed to arrows for movement along with other keyconfigs like jump to numpad zero.?

I have nothing bad to say, because as the standalone first fan-made project (apart from Nexus Mods) I've played, it is the best experience I've ever had, Kudos! to you. I can see the passion and creativity that went into it (Yes, I watched your YouTube vid on it) and I can defiantly say that I had no issues except with performance, but it's my side to blame for that. I was playing on an HP Laptop (because that's the only PC I can afford and have at the moment).

System Specs Are:


INTEL GPU (Intel Iris Plus Graphics)- 4GB VRAM

CPU- Intel Core I7 10th Gen (4-Cores)


Even on the lowest settings it still had performance issues, as it even consumed all my GPU space & processing power, causing framerate, freezing and stutter issues.

I know I can't force you to dish out an optimization patch. That would be rude! After all I'm not paying for it, and you obviously have a busy schedule at the moment. But it was just an issue I wanted you know about.

Otherwise, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! I hope to play more Lego Fallout as soon as possible.

Deleted 247 days ago





It will do most common archives , zip ,rar ,7z(7zip)


The only controls that work for me are movement. Any ideas how to get vats or inventory to open?


FOV adjustment please?


How to respawn when dead?  I’ve been quitting the game and restarting every time I die..

Same, when I die, I respawn without the pipboy-so i cant access my menu.

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Amazing work on this however some controls were missing like E to pick up items 

Tab to switch camera views I wish I knew how to turn flashlight on the pipboy that's if it's possible night time is pretty dark and was running this at 1440p nearly maximum settings it looks fantastic even for a Lego game really great work hope to see more come of this like the health options in the pipboy

I wish and hope controller support could be added though.


This is amazing. Can't wait to see where you go with this!!

dmca from lego for using their brand

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