Mr. Krabs v1.21

V1.21 IS HERE! this version come with a end game final boss, more missions and entire new area to explore!

Bugs/and fixes

  • Fixed Audio with Patrick
  • Fixed Squid Ward Mission
  • Fixed Sandy Mission
  • Fixed Squidward bug
  • Fixed Climbing on enemy bug
  • Fixed Clipping issues
  • Fixed Textures
  • Fixed Cinematic Glitches
  • Fixed Steam VRPlugin Error 

Added List

  • Added Plankton
  • Added More enemies
  • Added Teleporting To Chum bucket Area
  • Added Arena Boss area
  • Added more audio clips
  • Added Funnies :>
  • Added Textures
  • Added Factory Interior
  • Added Key
  • Added Door

These are just some things I've added and worked on, please feel free to let me know if I missed anything new. If you have any addtional bugs/problems/errors please let me know.


Mr. Krabs V1.21.rar 347 MB
83 days ago

Get Mr. Krabs Overdoses On Ketamine


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how can you download the 1.21 version specifically?


The boat doesn't go any faster when i'm on ketamine

I know same, it's just always slow. Have you figured anything out yet? If I do I'll tell you, but I can't find anything online to help yet.

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The boat is always so slow, I'm not sure if there is a way to fix it but you can still clip through the wall without the speed boost. Just a lot slower :)

how do i open a rar. file?, i want to try speedrunning the game like the other people

use 7zip or winrar

and extract the contents

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ok extracted, now what? i used 7-zip, what do i do from there

i've never used a rar. file to play a game

How to install Mr Krabs overdose on ketamine - YouTube Here's your answer


Can you make the game longer with more levels and more voice acting?

if you pick up ketamine in krusty krab, squidward mission doesn't trigger.

pls add quality options my pc sucks and i can't run the game

I also do have the squidward problem, cutscene doesn't trigger

unfortunely, this game doesnt for work on 32-bit pc


The squidward cutscene doesnt work

Whenever I try to enter a car, me and the car go flying. It doesn't actually let me enter as I fall out midair.

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Is it just me, or does it take way too many punches to take out a person?


for some reason the mission trigger event for squidward doesn't work. i dont know if its me or the triggers bugged out.

Game crashes every time i do the coin flip with plankton

Yeah, it's been like that for several people. The only solution I've seen was play the coin toss again.

there's a 90% chance your game will crash and a 10% that you will win. It is programmed to be like that

Pacificship895 same happens to me

Why do I Always getting "Fatal Error" at the start? 

The Plankton bossfight does not seem to work, once you press the coin toss button the game crashes. Or at least that's what it did for me.

The game doesn't count when you "take a mans life" if you run them over.

I Noticed that too. Great Job On the Bug Fixes Tho Guys :)