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i cant download the game?

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add car that you can drive and if you run over npc it ragdolls


what are the system requirements?

RTX 4090


minimum spec pls?

I can't run the game it crashes every time I run it 

Open as admin, that fixed it for me!

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gaming on a dell optiplex wish me luck!

ye im thinkin of gettin opne too

I'm using an optiplex 390 with some upgraded spec


im just hoping when i play this game it won't crash to a i5 laptop :

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nvm can't download it lmao

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How to change resolution....i have a low end crashed when i pressed escape


what are the pc specifications?

This is brilliant. Runs on Linux too via Lutris, which is great. I had to disable Lutris runtime in the prefix config to make it work.
I just wish all those NPCs weren't so hell-bent on offing me! I'm not good at combat so I hope there will be non-violent paths in the future!


This game was quite the experience..

For being made in one day, impressive work! I think it actually could turn in a nice project if you spend more time on it. 

The amount of bugs and glitches made it quite realistic compared to the original, in my opinion haha. I'm sure you're aware of most of them, but here's a short summary of my biggest issues I encountered:

- I had to open the game as administrator or the game would crash
- When I died, all items in inventory were gone
- Bullets were flying through buildings, and the enemies definitely used aimbot (I'm sure of it!)

I also made a short video playing the game, hope you enjoy it, I definitely did making it!

Looking forward to more projects, and the Spongebob game is next!


"When I died, all items in inventory were gone"

That's a feature, not a bug.

Hahaha, if you look at it that way.. :D

It sounds like a joke, but it drops a loot bag you have to find a pick up to get your stuff back... while being shot at of course.


while extracting (CyberGunk 2020 v1.9.3/WindowsNoEditor/CyberGunk2077/Content/Paks/CyberGunk2077-WindowsNoEditor.pak): dmc_unrar_extract_file_with_callback: error 19: File CRC-32 checksum mismatch

You too on Linux?

add the main menu


crashes everytime i open it. any fixes?


Same for me here, no idea why

Open as administrator, this worked for me.

Didn't work for me. Kept saying UE4 crashed


Im surprised you made this in one day. Its really impressive. However tho,  I got a trash pc. Is there any way to edit the settings ( resolution, shadows etc) or some sort of config file i can use. Thanks

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Works with Lutris and Wine for me. Most UE4 games play nice in Wine in my limited experience.

It didn't work for me! What runner are you using? Any other particular settings?

Wine 5.22 and DXVK on an RX460 and i3-2100 on Arch Linux with the 5.9.13. This is my first time seriously trying Lutris with Wine, so I'm not sure what info is important. Right of the bat, it seems like DXVK is a complete game changer and for some reason, Steam Play isn't using it.

Found it, I had to disable Lutris runtime.
Steam Play uses Proton which comes with its own implementation of DXVK and VKD3D

Oh! I have that disabled. But that makes me wonder, maybe Steam Play isn't working because I have the Steam runtime disabled.

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Hey I can't play the game. It crashes when I start it.

for me it crashes on w9, i have directx and all other frameworks most games need, but it just crashed with error 0 for me. how did you get it to work on it?

Hey so.. the game works perfectly with windows 8 & 9 but not with 10 which is the version I currently use. Is there any way to fix this or maybe a future update? Thanks :)





illegal window

very pog indeed

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Game crashes after launch. I have an AMD graphics card so maybe that is the issue.

EDIT: Nevermind the issue fixed itself

These NCPs have aimbot, I swear.

So when I try to download the .pak file, the winrar says my disk is full. Unless this particular file is 200GB when unpacked, I don't see how I'm not able to download it. Should I just wait for the next updated version?


where do i find a gun?


Downloading problem

does anyone else experience difficulties while trying to download the file because I've been at it for 3 hours now trying everything from resetting my router to different browsers and even trying to install it directly through the launcher but nothing seems to work. If anyone knows a fix it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


just wait,

How do I equip things into a slot?

Deleted 3 years ago

with e

When I pickup the water bottles and food with E, they don't go into the slot but it says I picked them up.


press Tab. anything you pick goes into you inventory


By far the best game developer in our generation, and he's also a GAMER. EPIC!



if theres no keanu reeves its a 0/10

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once gunshot soundeffects trigger they dont stop

Is this still happening in the latest version?


i just had to delete it and reinstall


Dear Mr. ThrillDaWill,

My name is Brock and I am quite a fan of Mr. Krabbs Overdoses on Ketamine and Dies. However, I can’t help but notice that Plankton does not sound like Plankton. I’ve been told that I have an exceptional ability to impersonate Plankton’s iconic voice. Please let me know if you’re interested in any voice recordings for the game. Obv it would be absolutely free and in shitty phone audio quality. Would love to help. My email is

will u be making any more spongebob games like the mr krabs one? That would be awesome 

wheres the download link for this and skynut?


Whens this legendary game you made coming out

he said he was uploading after his stream but nothing so far


Having some issues with exporting it, trying to find the problem so I squash the bug.

game yet?

Does anyone know where the download is?

What are the requirements?

be a gamer

epic gamer right?

very epic

You mean super epic?

It runs at 25 FPS on an RX460 and i3-2100, so yes.


no download 0/10 cancelling preorder


Yo Wheres the download lmao


truly amazing, screw cyberpunk, its time for cybergunk.



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